Effects of Combined Anthropogenic Forcings on Extreme Rainfall Events over Metropolitan Atlanta

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Esther Parish, Environmental Sciences Division’s Landscape Ecology & Regional Analysis Group, ORNL
Urban Dynamics Institute (UDI) seminar
Building 4500N, Weinberg Auditorium

Email: Beata E. Taylor

Studies of recent severe floods in the southeastern United States have raised concerns that more frequent and/or intense rainfall events in combination with expanding urban areas might lead to increased damages and expenditures in future decades. Our regional climate modeling experiment therefore examines the potential effects of combined urban land expansion and increasing greenhouse gas emissions on future warm season extreme rainfall events across Atlanta, Georgia. These simulated events are compared to the September 2009 Atlanta flood event that led to a Federal Disaster Declarations for 17 Georgia counties.

Co-Authors: Willis Shem (ORNL), Ben Preston (ORNL), Melissa Bukovsky (NCAR)

Short Bio:
Esther Parish is a physical geographer within the Environmental Sciences Division’s Landscape Ecology & Regional Analysis Group. During her 6 years at ORNL, Esther has collaborated on several interdisciplinary projects for the Center for BioEnergy Sustainability (CBES) and the Climate Change Science Institute (CCSI). She has a B.S. in Geology & Geophysics from Yale, an M.S. in Geography from the University of Tennessee, and is currently working on her PhD in Energy Science and Engineering through the Bredesen Center for Interdisciplinary Education. Prior to ORNL, Esther conducted research for the TVA Public Power Institute, taught geology and geography courses, and acquired over 10 years of experience as an environmental consultant.


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