National Security


Cyber Security Through Science

A Science-Based Approach


ORNL uses a science-based approach that combines experimentation, theory, modeling, and high performance computing to solve some of the nation's cyber security grand challenges.

Significant, 'game-changing' transformation requires a science-based approach that combines fundamental understanding with experimentation, theory, and modeling. The most successful scientific programs use peer review to maximize intellectual capital and prioritize research needs. The Department of Energy has applied this approach through programs such as the Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing (SciDAC) and ASCI, employing multidisciplinary teams, national-scale experimental facilities, and careful stewardship to create synergy between classified and unclassified sectors.

ORNL Brings Distinctive Capabilities to Cyber R&D Challenges

  • High Performance Computing (HPC) Modeling & Simulation
  • System-of-systems analysis
  • Visualization tools for complex information
  • Next-generation smart grid technologies
  • Quantum computing, security, and data fusion

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