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New Wigner Fellow Travis Williams Welcomed to Neutron Sciences Directorate

Travis Williams

As part of the prestigious Wigner Fellowship program for recent doctoral degree recipients, Travis Williams is joining the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Neutron Sciences Directorate as a staff associate. Each year the program selects a few exceptional scientists and engineers who are no more than 3 years out of a doctoral program and have proven to be talented, motivated researchers.

“Wigner Fellows have demonstrated through their publications, patents, or discoveries that they are creative, innovative scientists who could help lead ORNL in new directions,” said Virginia Dale, corporate fellow in the Environmental Sciences Division and Wigner Fellowship Program committee chair. “Travis certainly exhibits all these qualities.”

Travis recently completed his PhD in physics at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. His primary research was related to quantum materials, particularly iron pnictide superconductors and heavy-fermion systems. Travis has extensive experience with single crystal growth of such materials as URu2Si2 and has employed a wide range of characterization techniques, notably including muon spin resonance.

During the course of his research, Travis also led neutron scattering experiments at Chalk River Laboratories in Canada and the National Institute of Standards and Technology Center for Neutron Research in the United States. Travis’s contributions to heavy-fermion and superconductor research have resulted in 22 journal publications to date, including articles in Nature and Physical Review B.

Staff associates with a Wigner Fellowship are funded for 2 years, and there are 10 fellows working at ORNL at any given time.


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