Nuclear Science


Low Activation Materials Design and Analysis Lab

The LAMDA facility is a multipurpose laboratory for evaluation of materials with low radiological threat without the need for remote manipulation. The radiological threat is defined both by the potential for absorbed dose and the possibility of radiological contamination. All materials to be observed in the facility are accepted from one of the ORNL hot-cells with the radiological hazards previously identified. Once in the facility, they undergo a further radiological screening and decontamination.

The LAMDA facility includes 5 laboratories with about 2 dozen specialized instruments—physical and mechanical properties. The preparation facilities for ultra-small samples allows researchers to leverage cutting-edge characterization equipment in the “open lab.” The use of small specimens is a key factor for the LAMDA capabilities. The dedicated LAMDA equipment, along with the “open lab” analytical capabilities, provides an unparalleled resource for radiation materials science.


  • Examination of low activation materials

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