Nuclear Science


International Collaborations on Nuclear Safeguards

An international training course on State Systems of Accounting for and Control of Nuclear MateriaL was held at ORNL April 28 through May 10, 2013.

The International Safeguards program at ORNL provides technical support for U.S. Government initiatives to strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of international nuclear safeguards regimes. A key component of this technical support involves direct collaboration with strategic international safeguards organizations and foreign safeguards offices. Specific activities include conducting technical assessments; researching and developing verification concepts and approaches; testing, evaluating, and installing inspection and monitoring systems; providing training on safeguards-relevant features of verification methods and the nuclear fuel cycle; and providing on-site inspection support as requested.  These mutually beneficial projects contribute to increasing the international assurances that participating countries are meeting their voluntary nonproliferation commitments and that nuclear materials are committed to peaceful uses.

For more information, contact:
Nuclear Security and Isotope Technology Division


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