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Global Threat Reduction Initiative Transportation Security Cooperation

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Security of radioactive material while in transit requires special attention since the material is outside of well-protected facilities and must travel on public highways. The importance of transportation security for radioactive material is recognized internationally and is being addressed throughout the world including as part of the U.S. National Nuclear Security’s Global Threat Reduction Initiative (GTRI).

GTRI cooperates with individual countries or domestic carrier organizations to assist in determining their unique transportation security needs and establishing the most effective process for addressing their needs.  In most cases, the process will include all or some of the following:

  • Initial discussions and preparatory visit(s)
  • Transportation security assessments (national and operational)
  • Seminars and workshops on transportation security
  • Regulatory support
  • Technical assistance
  • Ensure sustainability
  • Conduct assurances and follow-up

The first type of cooperation undertaken frequently involves seminars and workshops which results in:

  • Increased awareness of the vulnerability of radioactive material in transit and the need for transport security
  • Identification of available guidance regarding transportation security
  • Participants from government agencies and industry working together to address transport security
  • Responsible agencies and operators becoming more aware of what can and should be done to protect radioactive material in transit
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