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Jon Mietling and Tony McCrary: Bling3D: a new game development toolset from l33t Labs

08:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Email: Daniel Pack

Bling3D is a forthcoming game development toolset from l33t labs.

The fusion of Eclipse 4 with game development technologies, Bling allows both programmers and designers to create compelling interactive experiences from within one powerful tool.

In this talk, you will be introduced to some of Bling's exciting features, including:

  • GPU Powered UI - A revolutionary new user interface for Eclipse, which uses shader programs to render widgets directly on the GPU.
  • BYOE (Bring Your Own Engine) - Bling is designed as a universal tools platform for game technologies. You can use our game engine or integrate your own!
  • Ultimate Toolset - Use the power of Bling's interface and Eclipse's extensibility to create mind blowing tools and plugins.
  • Designers Love It - Intuitive visual tools that allow you to create new worlds and artificial realities with ease.
  • Transform Your Assets - Easily create new ways to process raw assets (geometry, images, etc) into materials suitable for runtime use.

Jon Mietling and Tony McCrary are representatives of l33t labs LLC, technology startup from the Detroit, Michigan region.


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