Supercomputing and Computation


Analytics Cloud for Computational Analysis

Problem Statement

  • Provide world-class infrastructure and analytics for “Big Data” problems to enrich policy decision-makers in intelligence, defense for global security, transportation and finance

Technical Approach

  • Create a secure, high-end cloud computing environment (192 cores, 360 Terabytes disk and high-speed data I/O)
  • Create and host a structured data repository containing 100+ million raw documents of published scientific papers (Elsevier, Web of Science) and patents
  • Develop, install and monitor a custom data diode to protect copyright data from exiting the “cloud”
  • Implement a virtual machine environment for access-controlled use by 200+ government, commercial (private) and academic users (7 core teams investigating “technology predictive emergence”)
  • Provide rapid online support to maintain system performance and satisfy operational requirements


  • Cost-effective sharing of infrastructure and copyright data while maintaining high system performance for individual research efforts
  • Iterative system engineering, implementation and performance evaluations provide rapid prototyping for next generation cloud computing

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