Supercomputing and Computation


Computational Engineering

Computational engineering is the development and application of computational models and high-performance  scientific supercomputing to solve complex practical engineering/science analysis and design problems.

Related Projects

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Analytics Cloud for Computational Analysis
— Provide world-class infrastructure and analytics for “Big Data” problems to enrich policy decision-makers in intelligence, defense for global security, transportation and finance.

A Distribution Oblivious Scalable Approach for Large-Scale Scientific Data Processing
— Runtimes of scientific data processing (SDP) methods vary depending on data distribution characteristics, even when data size remains constant. A central issue in the scalable design of efficient large-scale SDP algorithms is the sensitivity of their execution times to data distribution. To gainfully utilize today’s massive computing infrastructures, a major challenge is to develop large-scale data processing capabilities that are independent of the underlying data distribution characteristics.

IntelEx: Data Services for Knowledge Discovery and Intelligence Extraction (IntelEx)
— IntelEx is an enterprise software framework that provides secure, federated access to an extensible collection of both modern and legacy data repositories, and delivers an equally-extensible and interoperable set of tools to operate on that data.


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