Experts List

The following ORNL scientists and engineers are available as information resources for media. For assistance in scheduling interviews, please contact the Communications team at 865.576.1946.

Astrophysics Tony Mezzacappa
Buildings technology Patricik Hughes
Ceramics Hua-Tay Lin
Climate change Jim Hack
Climate modeling Daniel McKenna
Energy efficiency Tom King
Environmental sciences Gary Jacobs
  Johney Green
  Virginia Dale
Research Reactor (HFIR) Kelly Beierschmitt
High-performance computing Jeff Nichols
  Al Geist
Homeland security Jim White
Materials (composites and lightweight) Edgar Lara-Curzio
Metals Bill Peter
Nanotechnology Mike Simonson
Nuclear energy Jim Rushton
Non-proliferation Larry Satkowiak
Power grid Tom King
Spallation Neutron Source,
Neutron science
Kelly Beierschmitt
Superconductivity Dominic Lee
Transportation policy David Greene
Vehicle technology Ron Graves



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