2005 ORNL Story Tips

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Computing - Bandwidth challenge champs
— UltraScience Net transferred 164 terabytes of data — the equivalent of 10 to 20 times the Library of Congress — in 24 hours and helped the team led by Caltech take top honors in the bandwidth challenge at Supercomputing 2005 in Seattle.

Wireless - Pushing the boundaries
— Government agencies and private companies are turning to Oak Ridge National Laboratory for modeling, simulation and fine-tuning of their wireless sensor networks.

Environment - Operation cleaner fuels
— Ships powered with low-sulfur diesel fuels may have cleaner emissions and actually perform better than when powered with other diesel fuels, according to findings by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Navy.

Environment - Carbon and climate
— Climate change can have a significant impact on the amount of carbon stored in cropland soils around the nation, according to researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Results published recently in Geophysical Research Letters show that about 5 percent of the 868 million tons of carbon sequestered from no-till cropping practices in the U.S.

Energy - Better buildings
— Steel-faced structural insulated panels being developed with partners at Oak Ridge National Laboratory offer superior energy efficiency, durability and resistance to fire, wind and termites.

Environment - Eliminating kudzu
— Controlling kudzu to keep it from displacing and destroying natural vegetation on the Oak Ridge Reservation is a task being supervised by Oak Ridge National Laboratory environmental analyst Harry Quarles. While kudzu was promoted in the Southeastern United States to hold soil from eroding on slopes, the non-North American plant species from Asia has overtopped other vegetation ?

Medical - First aid for CPR
— By applying mathematical techniques and electrical circuit basics to CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Vladimir Protopopescu and Suzanne Lenhart believe they can help save lives. "Rates of success with lay or professional rescuer CPR are amazingly low," said Protopopescu, who noted that the way CPR is applied has not changed fundamentally since it was introduced.

Military - Simple sampler
— Soldiers encountering potentially toxic compounds in Iraq will soon be able to identify the substance in mere minutes because of a probe developed by researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The proprietary device consists of a stainless steel rod and extractor with a tip attached to the end.

Nanoscience - Nanoscience Center Open for business
— Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences, the first of the DOE Office of Science's nanoscience centers, is now open. October 1 marked the first day of the new fiscal year and the nanoscience center's first day with operating funds.

Transportation - Truck of the future
— Research into gaining better understanding of the characteristics of heavy trucks operating on Interstate highways, and how those characteristics may be improved in future engineering of trucks is the focus of a program involving Oak Ridge and Argonne national laboratories.


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