ORNL and Enterprise Center Help Revitalize Chattanooga

The Enterprise Center, through its technology-based economic development initiatives, is focused on economic transformation in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, and the Tennessee Valley Corridor region.

The Enterprise Center is a 501(c)(3) organization that coordinates high-tech entrepreneurial activities in Chattanooga and the surrounding area and is a leader in innovation, revitalization, economic-development initiatives, and job creation. Core initiatives are alternative energy, advanced transportation, and technology development and transfer. These three areas position the center to also manage the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)–designated Renewal Community program and assist with brownfield redevelopment issues in the community. “Manufacturing has been the backbone of Chattanooga for the past 150 years, and it remains the primary economic driver for the future,” according to J. Wayne Cropp, president and CEO of The Enterprise Center.

"Chattanooga is a community in transition. The new presence of Volkswagen, Alstom Power, Westinghouse, and Aerisyn, along with the strong industry foundation that already exists in the Chattanooga area, has positioned the region for even greater growth. The Enterprise Center is at the forefront of this change and is leading the way in technological innovation through our involvement in the nuclear renaissance, alternative energy initiatives, technology transfer, and advanced transportation."

The Office of Technology Development and Transfer serves as the link among business, industry, entrepreneurs, and manufacturing with inventions, patents, and intellectual property available through partnerships established with national laboratories, federal research-oriented programs, and university-based research centers.

Chris Daly, director of technology development and transfer, works closely with members of private- and public-sector organizations to determine their needs and help solve existing business problems. He represents The Enterprise Center’s scientific vision and endeavors to connect Chattanooga companies and entrepreneurs with opportunities for economic development and growth through the region’s technological and scientific resources. "The Office of Technology Development and Transfer is pleased to be the agent and portal to technology and innovation available at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for Chattanooga’s business and industry organizations. We value
this partnership and share the excitement of building the future in the Tennessee Valley."

The Enterprise Center is governed by a board of directors, chaired by Jim Hall, managing partner, Hall and Associates, LLC, and chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board during the Clinton administration.


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