Advanced Materials


BES Chemical Sciences, Geosciences, and Biosciences Program

The Department of Energy's Office of Basic Energy Sciences' Chemical Sciences, Geosciences and Biosciences (CSGB) activities at ORNL features programs in catalysis science, separations and analysis, heavy element chemistry, and geosciences. The CSGB portfolio contains 10 projects and leadership in one EFRC, the Fluid Interface Reactions, Structure and Transport (FIRST) Center. This program also contributes to three additional EFRCs: the Center for Nanoscale Control of Geologic CO2 is lead by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center is lead by Washington University in St. Louis; and the Materials Science of Actinides is lead by Notre Dame. The CSGB program is highly integrated with a focus on understanding, controlling, and characterizing physical processes and chemical transformations at multiple length and time scales especially at interfaces. The program integrates theory, modeling and simulation with experiment to provide fundamental understanding and predictive insights into chemical transformations and energy flow in systems relevant to the DOE mission. The CSGB program is also a leader in the application of neutron scattering methods to scientific problems in separations, catalysis, geoscience, and interfacial science.

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