Clean Energy


Facilities, Centers Welcome Industry, Academia

Oak Ridge National Laboratory facilities and capabilities together provide a unique environment for Clean Energy research. For example, as the lead institution for DOE’s BioEnergy Science Center, ORNL is pioneering systems biology science, leading to economical and sustainable production of biomass material and its conversion to biofuels and other products. ORNL's Climate Change Science Institute addresses the implications of climate change at scales from local to global and leads fundamental studies of climate change impacts on the terrestrial carbon and other biogeochemical cycles as well as their connections to other natural and human systems.

ORNL is working closely with industry, academia, and other agencies through a variety of applied research facilities that are designed to accelerate the commercialization of energy efficient technologies.  For example, the National Transportation Research Center is helping advance technologies that improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, and address issues such as traffic congestion, evacuation planning, and highway safety. The Building Technologies Research and Integration Center research is helping to maximize the cost-effective energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings. DOE's first Manufacturing Demonstration Facility is managed by ORNL, helping industry adopt new technologies that reduce life-cycle energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, lower production costs, and create new products. 

To support research at the finite level, ORNL hosts two of the most advanced neutron research facilities in the world, the Spallation Neutron Source and the High Flux Isotope Reactor. In addition, the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences offers world-class capabilities and expertise for nanofabrication, scanning probe microscopy, chemical and laser synthesis, spectroscopy, and computational modeling.

Other facilities and capabilities that support Clean Energy Research include:





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