Neutron Science


Research Areas

Neutron scattering research at ORNL covers four broad research areas: biology and soft matter, chemical and engineering materials, quantum condensed matter, and neutron data analysis and visualization.

Diffraction, spectroscopy, reflectometry, and small-angle scattering are the core techniques used in neutron scattering. These techniques, combined with the unique properties of neutrons and the highly intense pulsed and continuous neutron beams available at SNS and HFIR, provide researchers with unmatched capabilties for understanding the structure and properties of materials at the molecular level. Studies conducted here go beyond basic research and development, however, and are leading to technological advances that will benefit the scientific, business, and industrial communities.

A few examples of recent studies include DNA architecture, the role of proteins in various biological systems, targeted drug delivery systems, electrical energy storage materials and systems, fundamentals of structure under extreme pressure and/or temperature, effects of processing conditions on material performance, superconductivity, multiferroicity, and low-dimensional and frustrated magnetism.


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