Nuclear Science


Irradiated Materials Examination and Testing Facility

The Irradiated Material Examination and Testing (IMET) Facility was designed and built as a hot cell facility. It is a two-story block and brick structure with a two-story high bay that houses six heavily shielded cells and an array of sixty shielded storage wells. It includes the Specimen Prep Lab (SPL) with its associated laboratory hood and glove boxes, an Operating Area, where the control and monitoring instruments supporting the in-cell test equipment are staged, a utility corridor, a hot equipment storage area, a tank vault room, office space, a trucking area with access to the high bay, and an outside steel building for storage. The tests and examinations are conducted in six examination “hot” cells and/or in a laboratory hood or modified glove boxes in the SPL.


  • Physical and mechanical properties testing
  • Examination of irradiated materials
  • Irradiated specimen storage
  • Sample preparation


Hot Cells 6 hot cells
Viewing Window Lead glass and mineral oil
Cell Construction High-density concrete used for front, rear, and top shielding
Ventilation HEPA filtered
Services Available Process and service compressed gases, air, demineralized water, process water, recirculating cooling water, recirculating heating water, steam, vacuum, and electrical services
Intercell movement Intercell conveyor system
Material Handling Master-slave manipulators

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