Nuclear Science


Enriched Stable Isotope Materials and Chemistry

Reduction/distillation of calcium-48 metal valued at over $900,000.

An inventory of ~2,300 batches of enriched stable isotopes of 53 different Elements with a list price of ~$360M is maintained by ORNL and distributed to customers around the world. Inorganic compound synthesis and metal reduction processes are used to prepare inventory-form stable isotopes in the desired chemical forms to meet most customer needs. Metallurgical, ceramic, and high vacuum processing methods are used to prepare enriched stable isotopes in a wide variety of custom physical forms such as foils, thin films, wires, etc.  Chemical and materials characterization capabilities are also available. A lease program for non-destructive research allows access to high-value quantities of enriched stable isotopes that most research customers could never afford to buy.

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Nuclear Security and Isotope Technology Division


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