Nuclear Science


Radiological Threat Reduction

ORNL has executed global nuclear security projects for many years and has proven expertise used for the protection of radiological material. Using a comprehensive but graded approach, we find the best possible solutions to radiological material security problems. We continue to participate in the US Department of Energy's program that focuses on three areas:

  • Conversion of highly enriched uranium reactors to low enriched uranium as their fuel source.
  • Removal of radiological materials from unstable regions around the world, safely packaging and transporting those materials to a more stable state; and
  • Protecting radiological materials at facilities that use or process such materials through facility security upgrades.

Additionally, ORNL provides significant assistance in transportation security concerns worldwide and maintains a state of the art Project Management Information system, tailored to radiological threat reduction work.

For more information, contact:
Nuclear Security and Isotope Technology Division


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