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Modeling and Simulation Made Nice
— It is often the little things – input or compiler flags, unfamiliar file for- mats, cryptic output – that make users pause before embracing new scientific software.

CSMD Researcher Moetasim Ashfaq published in Nature Climate
— CSMD researcher Moetasim Ashfaq's paper "Response of snow-dependent hydrologic extremes to continued global warming" has been published by Nature magazine's online presense Nature Climate Change.

CLIMATE - Going small with big computers
— ORNL's supercomputers are allowing climate scientists to zoom in on smaller and smaller areas to try to determine whether local and regional droughts influence climate extremes on a larger scale. What is the probability of a drought developing in the Southwest this decade? Ultra-high-resolution climate models may improve our ability to provide informed projections.

A New Era in Automotive Engine Development Driven by HPC
— CSMD researcher Sreekanth Pannala was interviewed about high performance computing's role in the development of new engines.

High Performance Computing Key Enabler for Accelerating Development of High Efficiency Engines
— The complexity of new and future vehicles - driven by the need for increasing fuel efficiency and decreasing emissions with ever-changing drive-cycle demands and environmental conditions - is adding unprecedented flexibility in design and driving the need for better simulation and more powerful computers, observed Dr. Robert M.

David Bernholdt named Group Leader
— David Bernholdt was named Group Leader of the Computer Science Research Group (CSR) on November 1. CSR represents the merger of the Application Performance Tools group, previously led by Rich Graham and CSR previously led by Al Geist. Al, who led the CSR group for 20 years, will be spending more time in his role as Chief Technology Officer for NCCS and in other leadership roles within CSMD.

Lebrun-Grandie Wins Second Place
— CSMD researcher Rahul Sampath's mentee, Damien Lebrun-Grandie, won second place in the 2012 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Nuclear Engineering Science Laboratory Synthesis (NESLS) Poster session. Twenty-eight of the NESLS students presented their work at the 2012 Summer Student Poster Session, which were judged for their excellence in technical achievement and presentation.

Communications of the ACM Research Highlight
— CSMD researcher Rahul Sampath is a co-author on the paper A Massively Parallel Adaptive Fast Multipole Method on Heterogeneous Architectures. This paper was invited to be a Research Highlight for the publication Communications of the ACM. The paper describes a parallel fast multipole method (FMM) for highly nonuniform distributions of particles.

A Spontaneous Collaboration
Thomas R. O'Donnell - DEIXIX Magazine
With the help of Oak Ridge computations, scientists are probing the properties of macroscale sponges made of nanoscale carbon-boron tubes. The material could soak up oil spills, help store energy or meet other needs.

Student Wins ACM Student Research Competition
— Auburn University student Yuan Tian won first place in the graduate category at the Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM) student research competition for her paper "Smart-IO: System-Aware Two-Level Data Organization for Efficient Scientific Analytics." Yuan is currently working in CSM's Scientific Data Group which is led by Dr. Scott Klasky. Dr.


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