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Geographic Information Science and Technology

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has been a pioneer in the research, development, and applications of geographic information and analysis systems.   We focus on population and social dynamics, geographic data science, and scalable/high performance geocomputation to develop multidisciplinary and novel solutions for energy, environment, and national and homeland security missions, from local to global scales.

Related Projects

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PortSim – A Port Security Simulation and Visualization Tool
— As part of the effort to interdict the illegal import of nuclear materials into the country, detectors are being introduced at sea ports. These must be deployed in such a way as to secure our borders without adversely impacting normal commerce.

HSIP Data Creation and Support
— To create government owned critical infrastructure geospatial datasets in support of a single Homeland Security Infrastructure Program (HSIP) geospatial database to support domestic operational, situational, and strategic awareness of the nation’s infrastructure to support crisis and consequence management, preparedness planning, and critical infrastructure analysis and protection.

Enhanced Railway Network Analysis
— A topologically accurate 1:100K rail network is needed for detailed routing and infrastructure analysis. ORNL has worked with an NGA-enhanced FRA 1:100K rail network to include proper interconnections between rail lines, interchange locations between railroad companies, and updated rail attributes. Status of each segment (main line, industrial spur, siding, yard track, other track, out-of-service, abandoned, physically removed, or trail) is included.


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