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Oak Ridge National Laboratory is DOE’s largest multiprogram science and energy laboratory, with scientific and technical capabilities spanning the continuum from basic to applied research. These resources enable the lab to tackle an exceptionally wide range of R&D assignments, from fundamental nuclear physics to applied R&D on advanced energy systems. In addition, ORNL has a well-deserved reputation for combining insights from fundamental science with an in-depth technical understanding of applied systems to deliver practical solutions to real-world problems.

ORNL aggressively pursues opportunities to put these solutions to work, often collaborating with industry to accelerate their deployment by the private sector. Products as diverse as radiation detectors, thin-film batteries, high-efficiency heat pumps, and high-performance steel alloys have emerged from the lab’s R&D.

Transfer of these and other innovations to the private sector has created new industries in the United States, resulted in substantial cost savings for companies and consumers, and provided good jobs for Americans. As global competition ramps up, ORNL will continue to attack the fundamental research challenges posed by DOE’s missions and to carry out the translational research required to accelerate the delivery of solutions to the marketplace.


Aerial view of main campus - New facilities dominate the center of this aerial photo of Oak Ridge National Laboratory as it appears flying over from the northeast.


  • Staff:   4480 total, 2600 scientists and engineers
  • Budget:   $1.46 billion, 83% Department of Energy, 17% work for others
  • Replacement Cost of Buildings:   $7 billion
  • Total Land Area:   58 square miles
  • Guest Researchers:   3000 each year, about one-fourth from industry


  • Wages:   $428 million
  • Procurement:   $640 million
  • United Way contributions:   $905,871
  • Medical services:   $79 million
  • Tennessee taxes:   $24.4 million
  • Pensions:   $40 million


ORNL's mission is to deliver scientific discoveries and technical breakthroughs that will accelerate the development and deployment of solutions in clean energy and global security, and in doing so create economic opportunity for the nation.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is managed by UT-Battelle for the Department of Energy


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