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Buildings - Shielding against energy loss
— Air seeping from buildings is responsible for a large amount of wasted energy each year. To combat the problem, researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory collaborated with the Dow Chemical Company to develop a sprayable liquid flashing that is more cost-effective than traditional sealing materials such as peel-and-stick tapes.

Tech Transfer - Innovations showcase
— Business leaders, entrepreneurs and community members will get a chance March 25 to see emerging technologies available for licensing from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee. The Fifth Annual Spark! Technology Forum will feature innovations in biotechnology, computational and cyber security, materials and materials processing, and sensor and detector systems.

Manufacturing - GE Appliances, ORNL sign agreement
— GE Appliances will be working with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to test the waters for innovative products before making multi-million dollar investments. GE's FirstBuild business model takes advantage of advanced technologies and manufacturing techniques to perform rapid prototyping and low-volume production and validation of concepts through low-volume sales.

CYBER – Security focus of conference …
— Hundreds of the nation’s premier cyberspace researchers will gather at Oak Ridge National Laboratory April 7-9 to participate in the 10th Annual Cyber and Information Security Research Conference. The event will bring together cyber security researchers, program managers, decision makers, security vendors and practitioners to discuss challenges and novel solutions related to cyber security.

CLIMATE – Monitoring changes in Alaskan permafrost …
— An Oak Ridge National Laboratory-led team is observing how thawing of permafrost, or frozen soil, affects the carbon cycle in the Alaskan Seward Peninsula. Trees, shrubs and grasses are creeping northward, and new lakes are appearing as permafrost thaws due to warming.

MATERIALS – Pinpointing discoveries for predicting materials …
— Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists developed a novel technique for microscopy and used it to unveil the full depth of materials properties on the nanoscale. They report their findings (

MATERIALS – Better innovation through imaging …
— Researchers should not have to rely on mere trial and error to create materials for energy applications. To accelerate discoveries that underpin economically important innovations, an Oak Ridge National Laboratory institute takes a new approach by bringing together atomic-scale imaging and computation to find a needle of new knowledge in a haystack of data.

NANO – “Green” metal oxides …
— Water and nano-sized particles isolated from trees, plants and algae are the ingredients of a new recipe for low-cost metal oxides that are widely used in displays, smart windows, magnetic memories and coatings.

Materials – Next-generation insulation …
— A composite foam insulation panel being developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and partners could reduce wall-generated heating and cooling loads in buildings by 38 to 50 percent, potentially saving homeowners $150 or more per year.

TECH – Mini power supply licensed …
— An efficient and extremely compact high voltage power supply developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory is headed for use in neutron, X-ray and gamma-ray generators. Starfire Industries of Champaign, Ill., has licensed the patent-pending technology to help reduce the size, weight and power aspects for their particle accelerator devices used in non-destructive testing and imaging.


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