Clean Energy


Energy, Water and Ecosystem Engineering

Examine sustainable energy production and water availability in healthy ecosystems through technology development, systems analysis and decision support.

Energy, water and ecosystem engineering research at ORNL aims to improve the environmental performance of hydropower systems. An interdisciplinary research team addresses the technological hydrological and environmental issues related to both developed and emergent hydropower technologies. Our approach is to develop quantitative, science-based methods to establish practices and regulatory standards that will improve energy security without causing environmental damage. We have developed a National Hydropower Asset Assessment Program (NHAAP), which is an integrated energy, water and ecosystem research effort for sustainable hydroelectricity generation and water management. NHAAP enables research on new development opportunities and provides a comprehensive hydropower database integrating information about existing hydropower plants and hydropower development potential. Harnessing the tremendous power of the nation’s waterways could help increase the supply of clean energy for American families and businesses.

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