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Electrical and Electronics Systems Research Division

The Electrical and Electronics Systems Research Division (EESR) Division at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) performs applied research and development in nationally important areas of energy and security. The mission of EESR is to provide pathways for the translation of basic science to engineering applications. This is accomplished through the creation and realization of foundational capabilities and technologies in electronics, sensors, signals processing, and integrated systems.

The division with science and technology (S&T) competencies and capabilities that encompass the development of new electronic devices and high-performance embedded computing, new sensors and sensing materials, signal processing analysis and methods, and the integration of these technologies into unique systems and instruments that address challenging measurement and controls problems.

EESR has a rich history of scientific and engineering research, development, and technical support that cuts across all research divisions at ORNL and addresses many science and engineering efforts of importance to the nation.  Today, EESR focuses on a national S&T agenda encompassing energy efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. In parallel to these areas, we continue to support national defense, homeland security, and international safeguards to counter nuclear proliferation and terrorism. We address these topics through an aggressive research agenda impacting sustainable energy, mobility, industry, and global security.

Partnering with EESR provides collaborative opportunities to pursue programs and projects of various scales and complexity that address some of the most challenging science and engineering problems facing the nation today. Through strategic partnerships on a wide range of S&T efforts, EESR has developed significant experience and capabilities that it brings to new partnerships and customers to make the nation and the world energy efficient, safe, and healthy.

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Kenneth W. Tobin, Director
Electrical and Electronics Systems Research Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Post Office Box 2008
Building 5700, Room O207
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6168
Tel (865) 574-0355
Katherine Martin
Senior Staff Administrator
Tel (865) 574-0355



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