Clean Energy


Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies

Oak Ridge National Laboratory pursues activities that address the barriers facing the development and deployment of hydrogen and fuel cells, with the ultimate goals of decreasing our dependence on oil, reducing carbon emissions, and enabling clean, reliable power generation.

Through collaborative research and development, ORNL is developing materials and processes for fuel cell systems and for the practical generation, storage, and delivery of hydrogen as an energy carrier. The lab’s Fuel Cell Technologies Program conducts its research and development activities in seven interrelated areas:

  • Hydrogen Production and Delivery — Production of hydrogen from domestic resources and minimizing environmental impacts and distribution of hydrogen from centralized or distributed sites of production
  • Hydrogen Storage — Storage of hydrogen (or its chemical precursors) within the distribution system
  • Fuel Cells — Conversion of hydrogen to electrical power; use of hydrogen to power vehicles, and for stationary and portable applications
  • Systems Integration and Analysis — Understanding the interactions among components, system costs, energy efficiency, environmental impacts, societal impacts, and system trade-offs
  • Manufacturing — Research and development of processes and technologies that will reduce the costs of manufacturing
  • Safety, Codes, and Standards — Safety assurance and facilitation of the development of model codes and standards for domestic and international production, distribution, storage, and utilization of hydrogen

ORNL’s Fuel Cell Technologies Program works in partnership with industry, academia, and other national laboratories to support DOE’s Fuel Cell Technologies Program within the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE). The DOE Fuel Cell Technologies Program coordinates the activities that address hydrogen technologies among the DOE offices of EERE,  Fossil Energy (FE)Nuclear Energy (NE), and Science (SC).




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