National Security


Department of Defense Programs


The Department of Defense Programs address the specifics challenges of the defense sector and have the widest application of ORNL capabilities. We support the military in a number of areas, including chem/bio defense and early warning; logistics and transportation management; hardened and other special materials; tagging, tracking, and locating; sensor miniaturization and communication; information management, synthesis and analysis; climate change modeling applications; structural amorphous materials for wear-resistant coatings; standoff acoustic laser detection system for detection of explosives; biometrics; cognitive radio systems; and power and energy applications for both mobile power and infrastructure requirements. ORNL partners with the DoD to respond successfully to global challenges through technical innovation and delivery of game-changing capabilities to modern warfighters and planners alike.

Department of Defense Programs

Research Areas

  • Computational Data Analytics Group
  • Measurement Science and Systems Engineering Division, Nanosystems & Structures
  • Automation, Robotics, and Manufacturing
  • Materials Behavior and Processing, Processing and Joining
  • Chemical Sciences Division, Applied Technology Group

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