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Chemical and Engineering Materials Division

The Chemical and Engineering Materials Division (CEMD) supports neutron-based research at SNS and HFIR in understanding the structure and dynamics of chemical systems and novel engineering materials. The user community takes advantage of division-supported capabilities of neutron scattering for measurements over wide ranges of experimental and operating conditions, including studies of chemical and physical changes in situ. User experiments with diffraction, small-angle scattering, inelastic and quasielastic scattering, and neutron imaging instruments address a range of problems in chemistry and in engineering materials research.

Current areas of research supported by the division include the structure and dynamics of electrical energy storage materials and systems, the performance of engineering materials under varying environments, fundamentals of structure under extreme pressure and/or temperature conditions, and the effects of processing conditions on material performance.

Supported Research Highlights and News

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Aerodynamic levitator allows samples to 'float on air'
— Both liquids and glasses are disordered materials in which the atoms don't establish long-range patterns. Using neutron scattering to probe that disordered system at the atomic level researchers can learn how to make new and potentially better glasses for applications such as lasers and fiber optics, as well as gain a better understanding of geological materials.

ORNL team wins R&D 100 award for wavelength-shifting scintillator detector
— A team of eight scientists and technicians in the Neutron Sciences Directorate has won a prestigious R&D 100 Award from R&D Magazinefor developing a highly efficient new detector system that helps take pressure off dwindling worldwide supplies of 3He as an active neutron converter.

Neutron Sciences Staff Receive 2012 ORNL Awards Night Honors
— Each year, ORNL contracting manager UT-Battelle, LLC, announces Awards Night honors for outstanding employees. The awards are presented at the annual Awards Night celebration in November.


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