Nuclear Science


Containment & Surveillance Systems Laboratory

The Containment and Surveillance Systems Laboratory is an arm of the highly acclaimed ORNL Safeguards Technology Integration Center. This lab is used to evaluate and develop custom technology, as well as integrate, mock up, and stage equipment for evaluation deployments for a variety of containment and surveillance  applications. Activities in this lab focus on integrating technology for sealing, monitoring, and tracking nuclear material in a variety of environments. It is well suited for developing, integrating, and deploying active and passive tamper-indicating devices and enclosures, unattended and remote monitoring systems, and wired and wireless attribute-monitoring systems.


  • Asset Tracking and Inventory Systems
  • Integrated Safeguards Monitoring Systems
  • Tamper-Indicating Devices and Enclosures
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Unattended Remote Monitoring Systems
  • Wired & Wireless Sensor Based Monitoring


Laboratory Space Electronics Resources Computing Resources Test Beds
1281 sq. Ft. Dry Laboratory Power supplies Servers and Storage Mock Feed and Withdrawal
Bench top Soldering Area Signal Analyzers Private Network RF Tracking
  Oscilloscopes Networked Camera Equipment Enrichment Monitoring System Integration
  Ultra wideband circuit development   Networked Continuous Radiation Monitoring

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