Nuclear Science


Safeguards Laboratory

The Safeguards Laboratory is a Department of Energy user facility equipped with a comprehensive set of field-deployable instrumentation for safeguards system development and personnel training. Mock-ups using industrial equipment and reference nuclear materials simulate real-world conditions for training, testing, and evaluations. The lab’s openness and availability to the private sector enable development of new technologies that combat the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.


  • Training and International Outreach
  • Nondestructive Analysis Measurements
  • Instrument Evaluations
  • Integrated Safeguards Methodologies
  • Measurement Technique Development


Gamma and X-ray detection systems Handheld survey instruments
HPGe, CZT, NaI,  LaBr3
Multi-channel analyzers Multiple units available
Neutron counting AWCC, Cf-Shuffler, advanced multiplicity shift register
Instruments Thickness gauges, oscilloscopes, bar code readers
Process equipment mock-ups Cylindrical ducts
HEPA filter enclosure
Pipe array
Large rectangular duct with flow diverters
Radioactive sources ~600 g of enriched U (up to 93% 235U)
60+ Kg Natural and Depleted U
Other gamma- and neutron-emitting sources

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