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Transportation Safeguards and Security Test Bed

The Transportation Safeguards and Security Test Bed consists of a test-bed vehicle and a monitoring/laboratory/training room located at ORNL's National Transportation Research Center (NTRC). The test-bed vehicle is a Dodge Sprinter cargo van configured for testing and monitoring during over-the-road operation of on-vehicle and on-package security technologies. The room at NTRC is designed for: monitoring displays associated with a typical transportation control center and displays associated with on-vehicle and on-package security technologies; training 8 to 10 students in the application of transportation security (including monitoring  simulated real-time operations); and providing laboratory space for assembly and bench testing of GPS and other electronics associated with on-vehicle systems.


  • Testing—Determining accuracy and reliability of sensors, system components, and complete systems
  • Development (in conjunction with commercial vendors)—Improving accuracy and reliability, interoperability, ease of installation and use, and encouraging new commercial applications
  • Demonstration—Allowing shippers, carriers, and other interested parties to compare systems, including the information access sites (see what information is provided)
  • Training—Providing training (including equipment and facilities) on use of systems and components


Test bed Vehicle Dodge Sprinter 3500 series van with driver, co-driver, and electronics monitoring stations.
Cargo Capacity 9,900 gross vehicle weight typical of third world transport vehicles. Currently configured with a demonstration armored cargo box.
Monitoring Model transportation control center setup for use during over-the-road testing and for demonstration.
Training Space for 8–10 students, eight individual computer work stations, overhead digital projector, and lecture podium.
Bench Test Bench space for initial on-vehicle system assembly and checkout; GPS test equipment capable of evaluating on-vehicle system accuracy, stability, and anti-spoofing capability.

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