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Advanced Security Acceleration Project for Smart Grid (ASAP-SG)

Problem Statement:     

  • The goal of this project is to develop a set of computer and network security requirements for the smart grid deployment. The key problem addressed in this project is to provide actionable security guidance to utilities for secure deployment of smart grid systems.

Technical Approach:

  • This is a utility-driven, public-private collaborative project to develop system-level security requirements for smart grid technology. The set of requirements developed in the project can be used by utilities at various stages of deployment including procurement, configuration, deployment, commissioning, and operation of smart grid systems. The ASAP SG project develops security profiles for Smart Grid applications on the basis of use cases established by industry working groups. A security profile makes this linkage explicit by identifying the systems and components (Logical Architecture) to be covered and their expected environments (Failure Analysis), delineating their expected and desired behavior (Use Cases), and assigning security controls (Security Controls) to those systems and components. A security profile also provides justification for control assignment (Verification & Validation) through presentation of the results of a failure analysis. Accomplishments to date include development of following security profiles:
    • Advanced Metering Infrastructure.
    • Third Party Data Access
    • Distribution Management
    • Wide Area Monitoring, Protection, and Control
    • Substation Automation


  • The security profiles produced in this project serve as guidelines for utilities and their vendors as they work to deploy a secure smart grid.

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