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Engineering Analysis

Engineering  analysis involves the application of scientific analytic principles and processes to reveal the properties and state of the system, device or mechanism under study. Engineering analysis is decompositional, it proceeds by separating the engineering design into the mechanisms of operation or failure, analysing or estimating each component of the operation or failure mechanism in isolation, and re-combining the components according to basic physical principles and natural laws.

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Flow and Heat Transfer Simulations for ITER’s ECH
— The ITER Electron Cyclotron Heating (ECH) system will produce a high-intensity beam of electromagnetic radiation for plasma heating. A total of 20 MW of power will be transferred from 170 GHz gyrotrons through multiple transmission lines. The transmission lines consist of evacuated, aluminum, circularly corrugated waveguides that will each transmit a maximum of 2 MW for up to 3000 seconds. The waveguides, with straight lengths up to 28 meters, as well as mirror, polarizer, power monitor, and arc detector components, will be actively water cooled in order to be able to support the heat load from the long-pulse high-power radiation.

Massive Gas Injection scheme for ITER’s DMS
— ITER needs a reliable fast acting tool to mitigate the possible sudden unplanned terminations of the plasma that could damage the plasma chamber from thermal loads, high magnetic forces, and runaway electrons. The Disruption Mitigation System (DMS) consists of injecting a large quantities of mass into the plasma. The massive gas injection (MGI) is investigated here.

Flow and Heat Transfer Simulations for ITER’s CVC
— ITER has unique vacuum pumping requirements due to high throughput tritium operation. The roughing system cannot use conventional pumps; therefore a cryopump (CVC) is developed at ORNL to effectively pump the hydrogenic species, while allowing helium impurities to be exhausted to atmosphere. A single tube prototype was built and a full prototype is in progress.


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