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Computational science plays a very important role in many things that we see in our daily life. There’s the design of aircraft, for instance, or the fundamental elements of industrial design. The virtual environment provides a much quicker way for us to improve our understanding of older problems and break ground in our understanding of new phenomena with ramifications for how we live our lives. Machines like Titan and activities like the Titan project will be the vehicles that allow us to explore these fundamental things in computational science. They will provide a framework for better product design, new and innovative technologies, and new materials. And they will enable new insights into how very complex, nonlinear systems work; that, again, has implications for a lot of the technologies that we take for granted.

OLCF is a user facility that recognizes that its products are scientific discovery and technical innovation, and we will achieve this vision working with strong partners. These partnerships will be developed through our calls for proposals and our outreach efforts to the scientific, technology, and industrial communities. To broaden the scope of leadership computing, we need to engage through our networks, through our relationships, and encourage users from new communities that can take good advantage of these resources to move us forward in scientific discovery, industrial competitiveness, and sustainability. Partnerships and alliances are a big part of what is important about our research. In terms of challenges, clearly we’re at a cusp in technology moving to hybrid architectures. This implies a lot of hard work by a lot of people. But it also is a game changer. 

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