UT-Battelle Awards Night

  • Research Accomplishment

    Timothy Burress, Jason Pries, Lixin Tang, Randy Wiles - For development of a low-cost, high-power-density prototype motor that is 75 percent more powerful than same-sized commercial motors and that also contributes to national energy security by replacing magnets made from imported rare earth materials with inexpensive ferrite found in abundance in the United States
  • Technical Support for Research

    David L Denton, Karen Murphy, Allison Owens - For dedicated technical support, including solving complex research and development challenges, in the successful production of actinium-227 for use in the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer, an achievement that will positively impact countless cancer patients and provide the foundation for a multiyear production effort that will create a...
  • Technology Transfer

    Tolga Aytug, Parans Paranthaman, Eugene Cochran , Marc Filigenzi , Colin Cini - For combining technical, legal, and commercialization expertise to license the laboratory’s award-winning Superhydrophobic Transparent Glass Thin Film technology to Samsung Electronics, an accomplishment that will provide a transparent yet durable coating for cellular phones, tablets, and other products, with the potential to significantly improve...
  • Mission Support

    James Rogers, James Keiser, Donovan Leonard, Maggie Connaster, Harry M. Meyer III, Tom Geer, Stephen McNally, Don Maxwell, David Londo, Adam Sachitano, David Grant, Samuel Lewis - For collaborative efforts identifying the source of hardware resiliency issues on Titan and employing a strategy that allowed the system to remain in operation, meeting the computational requirements of the user community and also benefiting the design of Summit, the laboratory’s next leadership-class supercomputer
  • Mission Support by Bargaining Unit Staff

    Doug Rose, Jason Richesin, Douglas Edwards, Shane Cromwell, Rusty Friske, Marvin Glenn Helton Sr, Joseph Bravelion, Gary Sills, Christoper Ariks, Ryan Hargis, Terry Housley - For innovation and committed willingness to work long periods away from home in difficult conditions to execute the fabrication, shipment, setup, and maintenance of the Mobile Uranium Facility in support of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Emerging Threats Program, ensuring that the US government and laboratory management have high...
  • Mission Support

    Angel Kelsey Kennedy, Donald Blackburn, Mary Dunsmore, Michael Harper, Jairus Hines, Curtis Maples, Kandi Newcome, Dale Perkins, Mitchell Brockman, Michaela Hall, Rachel West - For advancing nuclear science and engineering research by providing exceptional operations support throughout the lifecycle of research activities, while also promoting a strong culture of safety and security
  • Distinguished Researcher

    Georgia Tourassi - For advancing the research, development, and deployment of artificial intelligence in data-driven biomedical discovery and medical imaging including applications for cancer diagnosis and management, and for supporting the missions of biomedical scientific societies, federal agencies, and mentoring of students in biomedical science and technology
  • Distinguished Researcher

    Van Baxter - For influential research and analysis of heat pumps for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration applications, resulting in commercial technologies that significantly reduce energy consumption, and for his leadership in the HVAC and refrigeration research community
  • Joint Faculty

    Jeremy Smith - For sustained scientific impact and leadership at the interface of the biological, environmental, computational, and neutron sciences, including exceptional leadership to ORNL and UT through building a significant research group spanning both institutions and advancing each institution as a leading center for computational molecular biophysics
  • Early-Career Researcher

    Kurt Terrani - For outstanding scientific contributions and program leadership in the understanding of nuclear fuel performance and the development of fuel forms capable of withstanding accident scenarios
  • Postdoctoral Researcher

    Suhas Somnath - For enabling transformational new methods that can significantly improve the detection limits and capabilities of scanning probe microscopes through breakthrough data-driven algorithms and comprehensive community-driven software platforms that accelerate materials data analysis
  • Postdoctoral Researcher

    Chang Geun Yoo - For essential contributions to the characterization of natural and genetically engineered plants, biomass, and lignin with applications for future bioenergy and bio-based products
  • Graduate Student Researcher

    Michael G. Stanford - For outstanding research contributions to focused ion and electron beam-induced processing and defect manipulation in 2D materials, while maintaining academic excellence
  • Mentor of Early-Career Researchers

    Bobby G. Sumpter - For exemplary and sustained mentorship of numerous early-career researchers with varied research interests and mentoring needs who have demonstrated strong success in research activities and program development following his mentorship
  • Mentor of Student Researchers

    Olufemi A Omitaomu - For exceptional mentoring of student researchers through skills training, critical thinking, professional development, and continuous inspiration and encouragement that has led students to pursue advanced degrees or to join research institutions as scientists and engineers
  • Research Leadership, Group Level

    Gerald Tuskan - For outstanding leadership of the Plant Systems Biology Group, including successful program development and execution, resulting in numerous bioenergy research activities that demonstrate exceptional scientific value as team members meet research milestones, publish in top journals, and develop new capabilities
  • Research Leadership, Division Level

    Shaun Gleason - For recruiting and developing highly talented staff, sustaining programmatic growth in areas of scientific strength, building a new PhD program in data science, and leading a growing organization with widely recognized contributions in data and computational sciences for the fields of biomedical and health science, cybersecurity, quantum...
  • Mission Support

    Jessica Langstaff - For providing outstanding support to the Facilities and Operations Directorate as a staff engineer who consistently exceeds job requirements and management expectations to ensure uninterrupted mechanical utilities service to research and laboratory organizations
  • Mission Support by an Administrative Assistant

    Lisa Rael - For exemplary support to the National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS) and Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility, including processing thousands of project and user account requests during 8 years with NCCS, identifying and implementing improvements to procedures, maintaining high user satisfaction, and sharing a deep understanding of...
  • Mission Support Leadership, Group Level

    Brian Weston - For distinguished contributions to the High Flux Isotope Reactor's (HFIR’s) outstanding and reliable performance, including providing 7 operation cycles each of the past 2 years and greater than 98 percent reliability for a decade through numerous leadership changes, and for sustained contributions to other laboratory and Department of Energy...
  • Community Outreach

    Rick Dailey - For designing, raising funds for development and future maintenance, and overseeing construction of an inclusive local playground in Karns, Tennessee, that provides social interaction and a safe environment for children of all abilities
  • Community Outreach

    Angie Jones - For coordinating weekly, community-wide English-as-a-Second Language events, including organizing volunteer schedules and planning lessons and meals, a generous effort that provides individuals with English language skills that help them to pursue their dreams by overcoming communication barriers
  • Science Communicator

    Esther Sullivan Parish - For leading communication about renewable energy with creativity and enthusiasm by organizing laboratory and East Tennessee participation in the Annual National Bioenergy Day community outreach event, which has become a national example that inspired Department of Energy participation in 2014 and engaged 10 area communities in 2016, and for...
  • Inventor of the Year

    Amit Naskar - For sustained leadership and innovation resulting in impactful intellectual property related to renewable polymers with extraordinary performance, alternative carbon precursors, and high-throughput, low-cost, energy-efficient conversion processes for carbon and composite products
  • Research Accomplishment

    Dai Sheng, Carter W. Abney, Suree S. Brown, Vyacheslav Bryantsev, Christopher James Janke, Richard T. Mayes, Tomonori Saito, Costas Tsouris - For the development of an advanced polymer-based adsorbent that recovers uranium and critical metals from difficult-to-mine sources such as seawater, an achievement that required a team of experts in theory and computation, polymer synthesis, advanced spectroscopic characterization, and chemical engineering