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Enriched Stable Isotope Target Preparation at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory

by W S Aaron, Leon A Zevenbergen
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Publication Date
Page Numbers
425 to 432
Publisher Location
LaGrange, Illinois, United States of America
Conference Name
Conference Location
Knoxville, Tennessee, United States of America
Conference Sponsor
American Nuclear Society
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Since the 1960s the Department of Energy (DOE) Isotope Program, through the Isotope Development Group at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has been developing and supplying, among other things, enriched stable isotope targets for nuclear research around the world. This group also maintains and distributes the DOE inventory of enriched stable isotopes. Chemical and pyrochemical techniques are used to prepare enriched stable isotopes from this inventory in the desired chemical form. Metallurgical, ceramic, or vacuum processing methods are then used to prepare the isotopes in a wide range of physical forms—from thin films, foils, and coatings to large fabricated shapes—to meet the needs of experimenters. Significant characterization capabilities are also available to assist in the preparation and evaluation of these custom materials. This work is part of the DOE Isotope Program, which recently transferred to the Office of Nuclear Physics, DOE Office of Science, resulting in a stronger emphasis on enabling R&D. This presentation will focus on the custom preparation of enriched stable isotope targets and other research materials.