Robert K Abercrombie


2016 - Elected to the grade of Senior Member, ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) 
2014-2009 - The University of Memphis NSA/DHS Center for Information Assurance (CfIA) Advisory Board, Academic Years: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014
2011 - UT-Battelle, LLC (ORNL) Significant Event Award in Recognition and Significant Contribution to the “Design and Implementation of the Virtual Computing Environment for Scientific Experimentation”
2009 - UT-Battelle, LLC (ORNL) 2009 Key Contributor Award
2008 - Southeast Region Federal Laboratory Consortium Technology Transfer Award for "Automated In-Motion Vehicle Evaluation Environment (AIMVEE)" Honorable Mention
2008 - UT-Battelle, LLC (ORNL) Awards Night, Excellence in Technology Transfer of "Automated In-Motion Vehicle Evaluation Environment (AIMVEE) and Weigh-In-Motion (WIM)"
2006 - Elected to the grade of Senior Member, IEEE and IEEE Computer Society
2004, 2005 - UT-Battelle, LLC (ORNL) Significant Event Award for "Outstanding and Successful Leadership of ORNL Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) Program"
1995, 1993, 1992 - Recognized as “Super Manager” in DOE WFO Program
1992 - MMES, Inc. Awards Night Operations and Support Team Award
1991 - MMES, Inc. Supplemental Incentive Compensation Significant Event Award for "Technical Leadership of the U.S. Army's Modernization and Automation of Overseas In-Theater Transportation Systems"
1986 - MMES, Inc. Supplemental Incentive Compensation Significant Event Award for "Development of Electonric Generation, Approval, and Distribution of Inspection Procedures 
1984 - U.S. DOE Award of Excellence for "Significant Contribution for Statistical Quality Control of Part Machining"


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