Transportation Systems

Oak Ridge National Laboratory brings together science and technology experts from across scientific disciplines to partner with government and industry in addressing transportation challenges. Research objectives are consistent with America’s energy initiative to reduce its dependency on foreign oil and deliver consumers affordable, environmentally-friendly transportation choices. ORNL researchers are addressing barriers to effective use of non-petroleum-based fuels through the advancement of bio-based products and natural gas. Developments in energy storage technologies, charging methods, and advanced materials are speeding the deployment of electrified transportation systems. Vehicle efficiency is being advanced through research and development of lightweight materials including low-cost carbon fiber, as well as systems integration of electric propulsion/power electronics and internal combustion engines. ORNL transportation research also encompasses the production of decision-making tools, such as, and the development and deployment of intelligent technologies that enable safer, more efficient movement of passengers and freight.

Research Highlights

Building AMIE’s brain: EESR researchers take on home, vehicle energy challenges

The construction and demonstration of the Additive Manufacturing + Integrated Energy (AMIE) project was a unique opportunity to showcase Oak Ridge National Laboratory expertise and collaboration in many areas, including 3D printing and vehicle and residential technologies. The...

Wide bandgap evaluation facility benchmarks devices

The Electrical and Electronics Systems Research Division’s (EESR’s) Power Electronics and Electric Machinery (PEEM) Group is putting its unique wide bandgap (WBG) evaluation facilities to work in benchmarking components used in devices such as inverters, converters, and onboard vehicle...

Sensible driving saves more gas than drivers think

It’s common knowledge that driving aggressively can dent gas mileage, but it’s difficult to determine exactly how much gas drivers waste.

A new study by researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has quantified the impact speeding and slamming on the...